Partial Solar Eclipse Tomorrow as the Sun Sets

The eclipse at 6:00 PM local,
only about 2 finger-widths above the horizon

We hope you got to see the lunar eclipse in the early morning hours of Oct 8. There is another eclipse, this time a partial one of the sun, on Oct 23. We are in an eclipse season, an approximately 34-day window in which eclipses occur. This one is much more difficult to see. An observer armed with proper protection, such as a pinhole projector*, can see the moon just barely taking a bite out of the sun before sunset. The eclipse begins at 5:50 PM with the sun only a few finger-widths away from setting. In Gettysburg it sets at 6:18. Observers in the northwestern US will get a much better show, but the eclipse is not total anywhere (on earth).

Great eclipse article from Phil Plait on Slate