Web Changes on the Way

Not only is our facility moving into the modern age, but so it our website. We are moving out of user-land and onto the official college pages. The old web site has been replaced with an “under construction” message. We will post a link to the new site there, and also on this blog, when it’s live. Speaking of the blog, it will be moving to the college’s Sites at Gettysburg account (WordPress). If all goes well, we should be able to import old posts from this blog and leave it intact during the transition. Time will tell . . .

Along with the old site, our request form for school and community groups is also down. Rest assured, we will continue to offer free shows to school and community groups. However, given the time needed to develop curriculum for the new system, I do not anticipate activating the a new form to accept requests until October, and I expect we will be not be doing any field trip shows until November.

Public shows will resume in September! The schedule will be posted in the next few weeks.