Transit Day Update

The day of the transit has arrived! If you are planning to attend the Gettysburg College Observatory event this evening, please read our original post with all the details. We look forawd to seeing you at the observatory!

A check of available weather forecasts this morning shows that conditions will not be ideal: partly cloudy with a chance of a shower or thundershower rolling through at transit time. As things stand, we are planning to go ahead with the event. It only takes a brief appearance of the sun during the transit to make it a success. But please be forewarned that we could get unlucky. If clouds hide the sun from 6:04 PM until it goes behind the trees (about 7:15), we will not see the transit.

In the case you are not able to view the transit live, here is a list of live Venus transit webcasts. We also plan to live-tweet about our local event at @GCPlanetarium.