Public Stargazing at Strawberry Hill

I (Hatter director Ian Clarke) will be leading a new astronomy program at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve near Fairfield. The first of these public stargazing sessions is scheduled for June 25. Description and links are below. Note that this is a Strawberry Hill, not Gettysburg College, program, and it is not free. But you’ll be supporting a great local resource and enjoying a night hike to a true evening under the stars with a professional guide. Additional sessions will be announced later, but we are planning to hold them monthly around the new moon until at least October. You’ll see that we’ve planned in some cloud dates, but let’s hope for great weather!

New program! Stargazing at Strawberry Hill
Explore the science and the stories of the June night sky with Strawberry Hill Naturalist and local planetarium director Ian Clarke. Pack a flashlight for the hike to our viewing location. But once we get there it will be lights out, so our eyes can adapt to the the relative darkness of a moonless night on the Preserve. Then Ian will guide you on a tour of the stars and planets you see. This month, that will include the story of a star that may have come to us from another galaxy! Dress in layers. You may find it warm as you hike, but chilly when you’re standing still at the stargazing site. The talk will be aimed at people using only their unaided eyes, but feel free to bring binoculars if you wish. Due to the hike, however, you should leave telescopes at home.

June 25th, 9:45-11:15pm. Meet at the Preserve’s Nature Center.
$5 members / $8 non-members
Cloud dates (notification via Facebook, website, and email): 6/26, 6/27
June 25th, 9:45-11:15pm. Meet at the Preserve’s Nature Center. $5 members / $8 non-membersCloud dates (notification via Facebook, website, and email): 6/26, 6/27

Strawberry Hill links: Facebook, web site.