Lunar Eclipse Time!

I hope locals are ready for the lunar eclipse tonight. Current forecasts are mixed, with the forecast being a little more optimistic than the one from Accuweather. But even a few breaks in the clouds may be enough to see yourself some eclipse.

Here is a quick summary:

  1. Set the alarm for around 5 AM (all times local)
  2. Get out to a place with an unobstructed western view
  3. Find the moon, about 2 fist-widths up in the west
  4. Partial phase begins at 5:15 (shadow of the earth starts creeping across the moon)
  5. Totality starts at 6:25 (meanwhile the moon will be getting lower and the sky will be getting brighter).
  6. At 6:45 PM civil twightlight begins
  7. At 7:12 the sun rises, and at 7:17 the moon sets. Show over.
Folks in the western US will see a lot more. Learn more by watching our astrominute for early October.