Gettysburg Under the Stars, Episode 1

Gettysburg Under the Stars from the Hatter Planetarium at Gettysburg College is a monthly (plus bonus episodes) podcast covering planetarium news, the almanac, a current sky tour, and astronomy news. It is hosted by Ian Clarke, Hatter Planetarium director.

This episode includes our first sky tour (starts at 4:20). Try it out under the stars yourself and let us know how we did. Student assistants Meg Drew and Garrett Adams join me with recent astronomy news stories. Music is composed by Natalie Dolan, ’23.

Look for our next regular podcast, including a tour of the November skies in about a month. We have also put together a panel to talk about the upcoming Dune movie. We’ll record that as soon as we’ve all seen it.

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UPDATE: You can now subscribe through Apple podcasts and Google podcasts. You should be able to find on other major podcasts indexes soon, if it isn’t already there.