Constellations across the Cultures

Drawing by Francesca Costa, ’19

Shows Sunday, April 23
3:00 PM and 4:00 PM

You might look into the night sky and see a hunter, a bear, or a harp. But what about a drinking gourd, fish trap, or meat ant?  We’ll use the full-dome, immersive environment of the planetarium to explore what constellations are, the history of our familiar set, and how the same groups of stars have been imagined by different cultures at different times. With insights from Gettysburg College faculty. Written and produced by Gettysburg College students and staff. Running time? We don’t know yet! Probably about 40 minutes.

The Hatter Planetarium is located on the first floor of Masters Hall. The show is free and the public is welcome. First-come, first-seated; the doors close when the show begins.