Big Week at the Hatter Planetarium

Hatter director Ian Clarke, with Brad Rush
 and Scott Huggins of Spitz, Inc.

The week of October 8 was a big one at the Gettysburg College planetarium. On Tuesday afternoon, staff from Spitz (makers of our 1966 dome and star projector) arrived and set up one of their SciDome series of digital projectors. On Wednesday, College administrators and faculty enjoyed an informative day of demonstrations and Q & A on the technology.

On Thursday and Friday, a technician from Spitz replaced our obsolete lumiline cove lighting (check out its “toothy” appearance in the SciDome photo). The new cove lighting is made up of about a thousand red-blue-green LEDs. We can’t wait for our next public show (Sunday, Nov. 4, 4:00 PM), but in the meantime, here are some photos.