Astro Afternoon Lineup for Jan 26

  • 1:00 The Sky this Month LIVE (~45 min)
  • 2:00 “Two Small Pieces of Glass” (good elementary to middle school show, 30 min)
  • 3:00 “Gettysburgians Talk about Time” (a Hatter Planetarium original production, 50 min)
  • 4:00 The Sky this Month LIVE (~45 min)

This edition of “The Sky this Month” will include sky highlights for 2020 and the recent dimming of the star Betelgeuse. The Hatter Planetarium is located in Masters Hall, Room 115, on the Gettysburg College Campus. Shows are free and all are welcome as seats remain. No admittance while a show is running. Full schedule is avalable here.