6 from Gettysburg Attend Spitz Institute

Twitter followers of @GCPlanetarium know that some of us spent the last week in Chadds Ford at the Spitz Institute. Conducted by the makers of both our 1966 and 2016 planetarium systems, this annual training and skills development session was crucial for us to get to know the new system and to learn some of the many, many ways we can use it to benefit our astronomy students, students and faculty of the College as a whole, and the public. Summing up what we learned is more than I can do in this brief post, so for now I just want to acknowledge those who attended: Jackie Milingo, astronomy professor and the driving force behind the re-invention of the Hatter Planetarium; Ryan Johnson, astronomy professor and the first user of the new planetarium as a classroom; Eric Remy, Director of Instructional Technology at the College; Craig Foltz, astronomy lab instructor and retired observatory director and NSF administrator; and your humble correspondent, Ian Clarke, Planetarium Director and astronomy lab instructor. Thank you to all just mentioned, and to Spitz and Gettysburg College for the incredibly valuable week!