First Shows Announced – Sept 4

It’s time! The first shows in the the new digital Hatter Planetarium are on the schedule.

The Sky this Month – LIVE, Sunday, Sept. 4, at 1:00, 2:30, and 4:00 PM.

Visit our immersive, full-dome digital theater for a guided tour of the current night sky and a review of recent astronomy news. This free program is a live presentation given by Hatter Planetarium director, Ian Clarke.

NOTE: seating is limited to 40 in the newly renovated planetarium classroom. You may reserve a seat by emailing in the Physics Department BEFORE 3PM FRIDAY 9/2. Please specify a show time and arrive at least five minutes before show time to claim your reserved seat. The doors close when the show begins.

You can see the rest of the schedule as it’s published here.

Why did the seating capacity go down when we renovated? Crucial to going forward with the upgrade was making the planetarium also function as a classroom. That meant the seating needed to be flexible enough for small group work and test-taking. The function of the room as a theater for public outreach remains very much part of our mission, but not at the expense of the academic use. We’ve compensated by adding multiple showings (which are a lot easier with modern equipment!). As time goes on, we will try to match the number of showings to audience sizes we are actually seeing. You can see the type of seat we have below, and we’ll post photos of the completed planetarium next week.